Professor Dr. Samer Ghadeer Ghadeer

PhD in Marine Geology (University of Manchester)
High Institute of Marine Research
Tishreen University ,         P.O.Box 2125,                     Latakia Syria
Tel: +963 41 2453449,       Fax: +963 41 2453449
Mobile: 0994976645


  • in Geology, 2001, Tishreen University, Syria
  • PG.Dip. in Hydrogeology, 2002, Damascus University, Syria
  • PhD.In mudstone Sedimentology,2011,The University of Manchester, UK, Project Title: An investigation of the sediment dispersal operating to control lithofacies variability and organic carbon preservation in an ancient mud-dominated succession: a case study ofthe Lower Jurassic mudstone dominated succession exposed in the Cleveland Basin (North Yorkshire)

Research papers

All my researches can be found on academic sites below..


  • 2003, Teaching, Department of Geology, Tishreen University, SyriaPG.Dip.
  • 2005 –2006, Teaching Assistant, High Institute of Marine Research,Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2007 –2011, Delegated PhD student, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
  • 2011-2017, Senior Lecturer in the High Instituteof Marine Research, Tishreen University, Syria.
  • 2015 –Present, Member of the Committee of Marine and Oceans Sciences, HIMR, Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2015 –2019, Head of Marine geology department,HIMR,Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2015 –2019, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, HIMR, Tishreen University, Syria 
  • 2017 –Present, Associate Professorin the High Institute of Marine Research, Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2019 –Present, Dean of the High Institute of Marine Research, Tishreen University, Syria


  • European Geoscience Union (EGU)
  • International Association of Sedimentolo
  • Geological Society of London


  • 2003, Hydrogeology, Undergrads,Geology,Level 3, Tishreen University,Syria
  • 2007 –2011, Sedimentology 2: Carbonates and Evaporites, Course code: EART 20222, Level 2, SEAES, The University of Manchester, UK
  • 2011 –2018, Oceanography, Undergrads, Geology, Level 3, Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2011 –2018, Geochemistry of Marine Sediments, Undergrads, Geology, Level 4, Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2011 –Present, Marine Geochemistry, Master degree, Marine Geology, Level 1, HIMR, Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2011 –Present, Marine Sedimentation and Underground Fortunes, Master degree, Marine Geology, Level 1, HIMR, Tishreen University, Syria
  • 2011 –Present, Research Methodology, Master degree, Level 1, HIMR, Tishreen University, Syria


  • 2009, best poster presentation at the BSRG annual meeting in Bangor, Wales
  • 2019, Certificate of Reviewing, Awarded to Dr. Samer G. Ghadeer in recognition of the review contributed to the Marine and Petroleum Geology Journal


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